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Baths of Edipsos, Evia
The oldest thermal springs!

The thermal springs of Edipsos have a history of more than 20,000 years! They are mentioned by Aristotle and Strabo and today they are probably the most famous spa town in Greece.  In Northern Evia, the Edipsos Baths are known for the healing properties of the waters that gush at a high temperature. In Loutra there are hydrotherapy centers in hotels. Among them is the hydrotherapy center of EOT which is considered to have the most modern and complete hydrotherapy and physiotherapy facilities in Greece.



​ The monastery of Agios Georgios Ilias is located in the municipality of Edipsos, in northern Evia. It is built at the foot of Mount Telethrio with panoramic views. This is a nunnery. At the moment there are 10 nuns in the monastery. The monastery was male for several centuries, until 1970 when it was converted into a female one. The holy relics of Saints George, Marini, Mamantos and Kyriaki are kept in the monastery.

The exact date of construction of the monastery is not known to us, due to the continuous looting and attacks he had received from pirates. The official founding date is 1670. According to tradition, it was founded in 1259, after the destruction of the homonymous monastery in the area of Therma by rescued monks. Then St. George appeared to the monks and told them that in a waterfall, which is located close to the monastery, they would find his image, and that in his honor they should build a monastery on the ancient oracle of Apollo.

The monastery experienced great development during the first centuries of its operation. According to tradition, more than 300 monks practiced around the monastery, who officiated every Sunday in the monastery's katholikon. The katholikon of the monastery, built in the 17th century, has wonderful hagiographies, as well as wonderful icons from the 16th and 17th century.

The monastery is believed to have been built on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the god Apollo. The god Apollo, as the god of the Sun and light, was worshiped in the wider area. In the monastery there are underground vaulted corridors that are supposed to have belonged to the ancient temple.


Tennis Club Forum

At a distance of 500 m. From the port that connects Edipsos with Arkitsa, in an area of 7 acres are the facilities of "Forum Tennis Club", which invite you to enjoy moments of relaxation and fun in a truly ideal environment.

Three modern tennis courts with Quick mat,  New technology for absorbing impact energy, beach tennis and table tennis courts, are available in spring and summer to those who want to play sports and have fun. There is also a Refreshment / Bistro for more relaxing moments and relaxation, while the pool of the multipurpose area will offer you moments of coolness and fun.  

Sylla Cave


One of the surviving finds of the Roman period is the baths in the "Cave of Sulla". 
It is located behind the hydrotherapy center of EOT near the church of Agioi Anargyroi in the Baths of Edipsos.

The "cave" of Sulla is a small building with a dome. 
The whole building is covered by the deposits of sulfurous waters that gush in the area and gives the impression that it is a cave entrance. In  entrance of the "cave"  There are two massive pedestals of statues with inscriptions in honor of the Roman emperors Hadrian and Septimius Severus dedicated by the municipality of Istiaia. 

The first has a later inscription in honor of the emperor Constantine of Byzantium. 
The "cave" was associated with the Roman general Sulla, who visited the baths for healing.


  Early in the morning and starting from the Baths of Edipsos you will start a beautiful journey of almost an hour, by the sea, to reach the northern tip of Evia, with your destination Lichadonissia. Head to the beach  of Agios Nikolaos  and you will circle the bay of Gialtra. In the center of the bay lies the sandy  beach of Korfos. Continue on  beach of Mylos and you pass by  Baths. Next stop, the  Gregolimano  with the only cosmopolitan beach of the area. Just before the fencing of the Club  Mediterranean  you will turn left towards the organized beach  "Golden Coast", with sandy beach, nice waters and pines. The graphic follows  small port of Agios Georgios, full of fishing boats, taverns and cafes.

There are still 4 km left to him  Cape  with the endless sandy beach adorned with thousands of shells… Here a boat is waiting for you, to guide you to  Lichadonissia. These are 15 small volcanic islands, overgrown with olive trees. The largest of these, called Magnolia, is famous for its white sand beach and turquoise waters. It is organized with sunbeds and a canteen for coffee and snacks. To reach the opposite do not do more than 5 '.

Folklore   Saint Museum

 The Folklore   Museum of Agios (L.M.A.) was founded by the Association of Parents and Guardians of Agios Primary School and Kindergarten where it belongs based on article 2 of its statute and was recognized on 31/01/2006 by the Single Member Court of First Instance of Chalkis.  


In August 2006, a fellow villager donated the plot 

and the ruined building inside.


The Commander  Committee (D.E.) of L.M.A. addressed the Prefect of Evia Mr. Thanassis Bourandas, in order to finance the construction of the building. The Prefect, judging the request to be fair and reasonable, undertook to hand over the building with the turnkey. 

  The Folklore   Museum of Agios (L.M.A.) was founded by the Association of Parents and Guardians of Agios Primary School and Kindergarten where it belongs based on article 2 of its statute and was recognized on 31/01/2006 by the Single Member Court of First Instance of Chalkis.  

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